COVID-19, Second Wave…

Written by Marion Aufseesser

24 November 2020

The roller coaster continues!

We hope, that despite the Covid-19 health crisis and this second wave, you are all well and that you and your teams have been coping as well as possible under these circumstances. Since the beginning of the pandemic TransitionKit has been active supporting you.

We have rethought how we work together, from home or the office and had the time to rethink the way we interact with each other.

We were warned by the specialists that the 4th quarter of 2020 could or would bring a rise of the pandemic. The scientists were correct. There was no magic wand to make it go away.

Now we need to adapt again and learn to live with Covid-19 as case numbers are rising and coping with the new health safety regulations most countries have put in place again after the “summer break”.

We, at TransitionKit, are very concerned about the increase of people in distress who will face new and unforeseen challenges such as the loss of a family member or other person, loss of jobs, financial and relationship problems, increase in abuse and substance abuse to name just a few of the problems on the rise.

In order to accompany you and ensure that stress is reduced, and that good decisions are taken, we have created a series of interactive webinars that we invite you to checkout. The content of our webinar is evolving as the pandemic continues. 

Our team of psychologists and consultants are here to support you and your teams.

Our goal is to make the contact as human as possible, that’s why we need to be in vocal contact.

So, act today by contacting us to set up a webinar with us and assess together how we can support you.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Kind regards

Marion Aufseesser & Cyrille Gay