TransitionKit SNC General Terms and Conditions (valid from September 1, 2020)

The present general conditions apply to all mandates and services performed by TransitionKit to the benefit of its clients.

Unless otherwise expressly stated in the offer addressed to the client, all prices are in Swiss francs (excluding VAT) and all invoices are payable by bank transfer to the account of TransitionKit within 30 days from their issuance. TransitionKit reserves the right to charge interest on moratory interest of 5% per year on any unpaid amount.

In case of successive installments and late payment of an installment, TransitonKit reserves the right to suspend its services until full payment of the installment outstanding.

An offer accepted by the client is in principle non-cancellable unless agreed in writing by TransitionKit.

The dates of sessions, courses, seminars, webinars etc. that have been set can only be postponed to another date with at least 10 working days’ notice. Any cancellation by the client within less than 10 working days before the fixed date will not entitle the client to any refund.

TransitonKit undertakes to treat all personal data provided by the customer in accordance with the applicable Swiss Data Protection legislation, in particular the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act and its implementing regulations.

TransitionKit shall keep strictly confidential any documents, information or data provided by the client by indicating to TransitonKit the confidential nature of such documents, information or data.

The Client acknowledges that all intellectual property rights to all documents, presentations, webinars, etc. produced by TransitionKit belong to TransitionKit and the Client expressly agrees not to use them for any purpose other than that described in the mandate and not to transmit or disseminate them to third parties in any form whatsoever without the prior written consent of TransitonKit.

Except in the case of intentional damage, the amount of any compensation due for damages in the event of fault on the part of TransitionKit shall be limited to the amount of the fees paid by the Client.

Swiss law shall apply to these general terms and conditions as well as to all contractual relationships between TransitonKit and the Client. Any dispute that cannot be resolved amicably or through mediation shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the ordinary courts of the Canton of Geneva, subject to possible recourse to the Federal Court in Lausanne.