“To Plan your Career Transition, is to Invest in your Future”


A tailor-made program
that meets your needs.

You are in Career Transition, not “outplacement”.


It all starts with a realistic assessment that gives you a clear understanding of your situation and your state of mind in the face of this change.

Based on your assessment, we create your program. Together.

Our “à la carte” approach, which is broken down into:

  • Individual sessions.
  • In groups.
  • In videoconference.
  • Face-to-face.

TransitionKit has developed 10 modules that serve as a support for all our exchanges.

Throughout the process, our agility allows us to adapt the program as needed.

Our holistic approach takes care of you and your loved ones upon request.

Our “Flex Office” policy allows you to choose the location of your transition offices.

Wealth advice and pension planning by an external private bank with cantonal backing.


Optimised support: the strength of a partnership


To complement Transitionkit’s services, our partnership with OtherWise9 offers a tailor-made career transition service to help employees achieve their new career goals. You benefit from several coaches, group workshops, a wide network and the use of premises.



  • Personalised support
  • An extensive network of contacts
  • Themed workshops
  • Premises at your disposal
  • Alternating between coaching/advice/mentoring

Our five-stage programme is based on a structured process designed to guide reflection, enhance strengths, realise aspirations and ensure professional repositioning over the long term:

  • Getting in touch
  • Personal, skills and career assessment
  • Values, life dynamics and uniqueness
  • Drawing up a career plan
  • Job search preparation and support
  • Support in returning to work

In addition, group and individual workshops are organised around the following themes:

  • Discovering your identity and deploying it coherently
  • Express yourself with confidence
  • Stay motivated in your research
  • Optimising your network
  • Oral communication
  • LinkedIn


Ready to bounce back?

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