Covid-19 : Coping with the second wave

Written by Marion Aufseesser

16 November 2020

Dear Readers,

Today I want to introduce you to the COVID EMOTIONAL LOOPS graph which is the follow-up of my COVID EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER published in March. We hoped for one loop only. We were warned and the scientists were right… (collective denial). The current loop is scarier than the first loop from my vantage point of Geneva, Switzerland.

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Now, most of the world is currently re-confined.

We are all experiencing the second wave of COVID-19. Some experts are saying there may be a third wave, more loops…

Where I live it’s fall, the leaves have turned to beautiful colors, they are falling off the trees. It’s getting colder. People are anxious, worried and some are depressed. Businesses are going bankrupt. Many have lost their jobs or will soon. We are collectively in a psychologically very difficult state of mind and many of us are having a hard time coping with reconfinement.

Quoting Dr Matthieu Poirot- Midori Consulting:  the first confinement was “exceptional”, whereas now the reconfinement has a very different taste of “déjà vu”.

November and December are always risky months in our hemisphere where days are getting shorter and it is more difficult to be outside because of the weather conditions.

Now, with major worldwide confinement it’s even worse. We have had no time to really recover.

As the French newspaper Liberation titled: “melancovid” meaning the Covid-19 is making us anxious and depressed.

Therefore, it is urgent to take care of ourselves, our families, our employees, everyone.

Companies should be urgently putting support and prevention measures in place such as interactive webinars, support programs, long term working from home support, taking care of staff when a colleague facing difficulties.

This roller coaster seems to be never ending. Life is about cycles and we go from highs and lows

TransitionKit and our partners are ready to support you and your teams.

Take care of yourselves