Thank God It’s Friday! (English version)

Written by Marion Aufseesser

27 March 2020

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For most of us, that means the work week is… finished.
At this very confusing time, I suggest you clearly separate your work week from your weekend and make sure there is a DIFFERENCE between the two. The same goes for working time in general and resting/leisure time.

Long Haul :

From what we know so far, it looks like it will be a long journey. This is why it is vital for all of us – adults and children – to integrate and maintain excellent mental hygiene in our daily lives.

As part of our ROUTINE, before the pandemic, we usually had a working week followed by a weekend.
Let’s see how we can introduce a special routine into our new life despite the fact that we are all confined to our homes, day and night.

Marking the weekend:
I invite you to end your work week, probably by teleworking, in a special way. For many of us, this is a big first.
I also suggest that you prepare yourself and your family for the weekend.
Organizing a special event on Friday night to mark the start of the weekend might be a good idea.
You might also want to think of something special for Sunday night to mark the end of the weekend.
It is equally important for children to establish new routines and this could help them participate in family life in these very special circumstances.

Many people suffer from the Sunday night blues . How will not going back to the office or school on Monday morning affect us? This is why you should try and focus on the few benefits of staying home. I can think of at least one for a lot of us: No commuting, no traffic jams, for starters…
Share your experiences with me on these positive points you discover!

What if you live on your own?

If you live alone, the idea of saying goodbye to your colleagues on Friday after work can be even more important than if you live in a group.

If you’re alone all weekend, you might be able to team up with friends via virtual media and enjoy some dinner together or organize a special event to get the weekend off to a good start. We’ve done this with my family and it’s actually very touching and moving. And most of all, very pleasant.

Needless to say, if you are in strict confinement, have tested positive and are not even allowed to do essential errands or go for a short walk, try to have virtual social contacts during the weekend with people you love and care about.

Take time off from your team for the weekend :

If possible, hold an informal meeting on FRIDAY to mark the end of the working week. I won’t say at what time, as it may depend on the type of place and country you live in.

In my country, Switzerland, some professions finish early on Fridays, especially construction workers and professions related to this sector.
You can work with the virtual team meeting programme you use, provided that you can all be seen.

A toast to a healthy world, that there is serenity everywhere, that we understand what changes we need to make …
Apparently pollution is decreasing everywhere, and the canals of Venice are clear …
Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Life is precious and it will be beautiful again. The world has already changed. I’ll write about it soon.

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Thank God it’s Friday! You all have a good weekend,