Written by Marion Aufseesser

10 April 2020

Dear Readers,

Once again, thanks for lending me some of your precious time.

For many of us it will be a long weekend and/or a “vacation period” as it is Easter weekend which this year coincides with the Jewish holiday of Passover.

Let me extend my best wishes to all of you celebrating either of these or both of these holidays. 
To all the others, may you also have a resourceful weekend wherever you may be!

In these challenging COVID-19 times, we need to be resourceful so as to keep our positive energy UP and our negative STRESS as low as possible.

Whenever you can, look out for the positive changes taking place amidst this crisis. Hopefully, most of you will be able to identify some. 

To those of you, whose pain, sadness or dramatic circumstances are grave, I send my heartfelt thoughts.

Maybe today you are closer as a family, maybe you have, what I call “serious discussions”, meaningful discussions, maybe like many, you are actually taking better care of yourself and each other, talking and taking care of older, lonely acquaintances, neighbors, family members, colleagues… 

Give time to others reduce your OWN negative stress when you look out for them. It is a major tool to prevent anxiety and depression. This is what we call GRATITUDE. A very efficient stress moderator.

Treat yourself as well: pick up that book you have said for ages you wanted to read; paint that painting; write that poem, learn that skill, language or whatever suits you. Make up with that person with whom you had fallen out and forgive…

This is my positive, realistic psychological message for this week!

Next week, I will share insights about the 6 STEP PROGRAM to improve your image when you are using any form of VIDEO RECORDING.

Enjoy your long weekend, and stay safe!