Extract (The ABC to successful career transitioning)

A  Agenda

More than a gadget.

A simple notebook or on your computer, your agenda needs to be filled ! Write down all your meetings. Also take note of the activities take give a structure to your life. Looking for work demands good

organisation and strategy

B Boost

Boost your career. Be dynamic. A career transition allows you to redefine your career path. You can redynamise your career by going back to school, by finishing a training you abandoned, by embracing a new route altogether


Consider your potential employer as a client, you as the rare pearl who will find the solutions to the employers’ problems. Convince the employer that you are the PERSON he needs


You will encounter obstacles. Looking for work is not an easy route to take in today’s economic situation. You need courage and perseverance, however you can find satisfaction and serenity


Don’t lose your balance ! When looking for a new job maintaining a balanced lifestyle is essential to win the marathon.


When out of work special care needs to be taken to your finances. It’s not the time to make big expenditures. Make and keep your budget.


This means having a positive attitude. Being aware and appreciating small pleasures and special moments of life will give you new energy. For those who experience gratitude the tunnel is never quite as dark. They always see light at the end of the tunnel


Asking for help does not mean that you are weak or ashamed. Rome was not built in a day nor by one person only reaching out and using your network is a must !


Be careful not to build a wall between yourself and the outside world. It is honorable to want to work things out on your own, but as a team you will be stronger.

Jump to Conclusions

Anticipated Negative Thoughts (ANTs) often are not reliable guides. Don’t jump to conclusions. Put your- self into a positive thinking mode, with virtuous circles instead of vicious ones, leading to positive thinking and allowing you to find appropriate solutions.


You may feel knocked out when you hear you have lost your job. This is a normal reaction. You feel like a boxer on the ring who can’t get up any more. Don’t let it get to you for long. A new door will open.

Let Go

Stay anchored in the present, let go of the past, when the past bogs you down ! We can’t change the past nor anticipate the future. We can only live fully the present.


Mastering mindfulness means you are living in the present. This positive attitude will confer you energy and the power to stay focused increasing your personal efficiency.


The more the employer needs your competencies, the better you can negotiate your hiring conditions. You therefore need to carefully analyze your situation and know the « offer and demand » situation.


Good opportunities arise. When looking for a new job, do your search thoroughly. Know what you are looking for, what conditions you are willing to accept so that you can be quick to react. Don’t miss a good opportunity because you didn’t really know the «market conditions».


Promote yourself, brand yourself, give yourself an identity. Make yourself visible and get yourself on the market. Imagine you are the brand everybody wants and imitate the big names. Yes you can !


Recruitment specialists use these to help them cover topics such as personality, motivation and candidates competencies comparing them to the requirements of a given job. These questionnaires are designed by specialists or the recruitment people themselves.


Sometimes it needs patience to get the results you want ! If you are not succeeding in finding the ideal job, analyse carefully what you need to change. Maybe your jobs search strategy is not appropriate? Do you have the correct profile for the jobs you are looking for ? Are there jobs in the area you are looking for or is there a general problem ? Are your expectations realistic ? Are the jobs where you want them to be geographically ?


Recruitment specialists use these to help them cover topics such as personality, motivation and candidates competencies comparing them to the requirements of a given job. These questionnaires are designed by specialists or the recruitment people themselves.


Most people suffer from the loss of their “work – family” when they lose their job. Create a group, don’t isolate yourself. Working as a team brings you energy and helps you keep the situation in perspective.


Life is made up of transitions both personal and professional. Accept these with grace and time will not only heal wounds but bring about solutions and often times great opportunities you would not have dreamt of !


Being utopic means refusing to accept reality. In the case we are discussing certain profiles are easier to market than others. It you are part of the «others» you need to find out how to interest potential employers, how to get your profile back on the market: further education, better competencies, language skills

Vitality «A healthy body and a healthy mind» The saying is more than 2000 years old and still says the essential in just a few words: in order to have energy and power it is vital to care of your body and your mind, to be at peace with yourself, to rid yourself of negative anticipated thoughts and the vicious circles that entangle your mind.


Today’s door opener to information. An essential tool for most people seeking information and looking for a job. However don’t « hide »behind your screen! Internet is a good instrument, however not the only way to find a job!

Mr or Mrs X

Being anonymous when looking for a job is not a good idea! Make yourself visible. Stand out. Dare without becoming annoying.


Just like the toy, your moral may encounter « ups and downs » during the job search period. This is normal. Should the « low » take a grip on you, get professional advice or talk to a trusted friend. A friendly ear and good advice will allow the yo-yo to rise again.


Pushing indifferently on all the buttons, looking without seeing, hearing without listening are not constructive attitudes. Organize and structure your days: you will gain in efficiency !