Chapter 1

Changing: Yes You Can!

Coping with the uncertainty of career change Change, a source of empowerment

Change is all around us: living with change

Overcoming pitfalls

How to avoid panic Telephone and social phobia :  impact on career transition negative/ hyper stress

Imposter syndrome harassment

Embracing change

Piloting your career rather than sitting in the passenger seat Adopting a positive attitude: virtuous instead of vicious circles

Chapter 2

Self Confidence and its importance in career transitionning

Rebounding professionally

How to rewire your brain and soul

Positive psychology

Everything you need to know about resilience (letting go) and how it sparks change

An example of resilience in career transitioning How to increase your “resilience capital” Resilient behavior and a resilient lifestyle

Some tips for the road

 Your “healthy lifestyle” logbook continuous educationhaving convictions and putting them into practice developing compassion towards others taking care of your “inner mammal”


Chapter 3

Transforming your Weakness into Strengths

Knowing how to market yourself anytime at any career point:

The advantages of being 50 or over

The advantages of being between 35 and 49  

The advantages of being between 20 and 34

How does mentoring work?

We help you find your sparring partner

The challenge

Jobseekers’ adrenaline

Exchanging bad habits for good ones: You can do it!

Your stress profile


Chapter 4

Looking For Work – How to go about it

How long does it take to find a new job?

The path to a new job

Communication tools and preparation

Your professional project and your job hunting campaign

Your professional project

Your communication tools

Your marketing tools

Your network

Your job hunting campaign

Your salary negotiation

Your first 100 days