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Interactive Webinar: How to bounce back serenely from Covid-19

Interactive webinar to understand the psycho-social issues of professional deconfinement

Duration of the webinar: 1.5-2 hours per session.

Individual or group coaching possibilities.

Hosted by Marion Aufseesser, Psychologist and FSP/ASPCo coach.

Following the success of our articles on living with Covid-19, published on LinkedIn since the beginning of the pandemic, we have created this webinar with Dr. Matthieu Poirot, specialist in psychosocial risks at work.
Our interactive webinar is already operational and we are currently broadcasting it for a large audience.
Thanks to Zoom, we are able to deliver it to up to 100 people per session. 
It is preferable, and in order to optimize interactivity, to keep the groups small, especially to benefit from PNKR©. This tool, which is highly appreciated, allows us to qualitatively evaluate the psychological state of employees and to open the discussion. This can be done either anonymously or openly according to your needs or preferences. 
In order to establish your needs in detail and to book sessions for your company, we invite you to contact us.

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